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John White jgwhite us. I purchesed it from Apogee Inc. The photo on the left shows the legs collapsed and the top rolled up. The menu is organized so that you can begin operating the scope directly from the box after reviewing the CD. When viewing through the degree normal position on the ETX, objects appear upright but reversed. I found the flashlight so light and small that I wore it on my finger for two hours without even being distracted by it. Shutan accessories mentioned on this page may or may not be available from other sources.

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Disconnected Autostar and plugged in standard controller and scope aol photocam but aol photocam. The ScopeTronix Visual Back works exactly as advertised. Then when you go outside you slide the Astrozap dew shield forward for use in preventing the formation of dew on the corrector lens see photo on the left.

Or so I thought, until Photoca tried it a couple photlcam times when it was dark and cold It is a 1″ long, black, metal tube that screws onto the end of your eyepiece, using the filter thread assuming your eyepiece is threaded for filters.

Unfortunately, this is a case where I need aol photocam lower my expectations! It rubs up against the right-hand side of the telescope fork mount. Even though the Microlight has received minimal phktocam since my earlier comments it certainly should not have failed. I initially tried the unit on a stand alone aol photocam without the RS connection. It can be placed aol photocam a tripod assembly without aol photocam.

The MicroMax only has objects in its database all Messier, 90 stars, 17 deep sky, and 28 user-definable.

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I was worried about tightening them up again. These maps are great because they give a day by day photographic view of the moon with the prominant features on the terminator marked.

And if aol photocam is cloudy you could plug in a 13 inch TV and watch TV or a coffee pot to warm aol photocam on a cold night.


Thanks for the email. He’s given me the straight dope on everything, warts and all, when Aol photocam asked questions. The labels are designed aol photocam work best on the metal of the eyepiece tube but I keep my eyepieces in bottles when not in use and carry my case outside with the telescope so for my purposes this mounting on the bottles works better.

Well, it’s been roughly 2 months and still no dew shield. Nintendo Game Boy – Game Boy camera – When I saw this “Horsehead Nebula” tie I couldn’t resist buying it. However, I quickly discovered that there’s no way to make such combination parfocal aol photocam flip of the ETX mirror required troublesome re-focusing.

Logiciels pour Webcam – Les meilleurs logiciels

Checked my Aol photocam and still clear. They should sell them in bulk to Meade. As you do, the display aol photocam down toward 0. Now I must humbly admit that I hate spending money if I aol photocam have to, so I originally opted for the medical cabinet solution, but for the life of me I couldn’t find a medicine cap that would fit all bottles seem to have fancy “childproof” cap systems these days.

It was a nice idea and product while it lasted. On the design side, Shutan’s unit has a plastic set screw, which aol photocam not seem safe when aol photocam to hold aol photocam heavy eyepiece or an even heavier digital camera, while ScopeTronix employs the safe, orthodox metal screw.

Two buttons control clockwise or counterclockwise direction. I did however have one gripe. All-in-all, if you do not mind removing and reinstalling every time the scope is used, this is by far the best dew shield I have found for the ETX telescope and highly recommend it After doing the alignment on Alpheratz and Altair, I chose M Not enough so that they were readable but still glowing.

Weasner’s Meade ETX Accessories

Temperature starts to drop, so far no reported problems with dewing. The frame is of the same type of structure as the aol photocam collapsible aluminum-tube chairs.

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The really neat aol photocam of this setup is that once you have aligned on two objects a set of crosshairs appears on your notebook screen telling you exactly where the ETX is pointed! Once I had it in place, I quickly found several combinations of eyepieces that were parfocal, or nearly parfocal when used simultaneously in the top ETX eyepiece port and pnotocam the Visual Back, e.

From an astronomical use perspective, the LED is amber not red. Additionally, the table surface is photcam 19″ x 19″. Aol photocam designer of the CD, Massimo Uberti, has been very helpful with any questions I have had via email: The RA encoder simply aol photocam over the hex-head screw and is held in place aol photocam the circuit board.

John White jgwhite us. Sampo DCE – When the focuser works, it’s wonderful, but on my ETX, the unit is highly sensitive to lower temperatures. After charging up the batteries I first tried them on the hand controller for two evenings with no problems.

I suppose there are some reasons to leave the focus screw aol photocam exposed for applications I cannot imagine otherwise I would suggest that Meade aol photocam the focuser with all least high-end ETX models. I would have expected the electric focuser to just freeze at either end of the set screw’s focal spectrum or better yet have an automatic electronic cut-off when sensing higher electrical resistance due to a stalled motor. You see, after I have written the Visual Aol photocam review, I remembered yet another ScopeTronix accessory that would neatly address the issue of leaving the rear port phottocam