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These natively supported the MHz bus and ran it perfectly fine. All the while cramping your fingers trying to find the right combination of jumpers that will make your system stable. One of the first boards to support this chipset was the MTech RA. It required removing the cpu’s plastic shell and mounting this jumper device on to the top of the chip. As someone who enjoys reliving the fun, fast-paced period in computing that ranged from the mid 90s to the early s, it really resonates. The general layout of the board is neat and jumpers are easily located on the right side of the board. That is a single phase power

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ASUS P5A Super 7 Motherboard

The asus p5a of a Cloud in Flight from HyperX. I always enjoy these retro articles. For all the tests conducted on both chips, I couldn’t push either of the chip past the MHz barrier. One of the first boards to support asus p5a chipset was the MTech RA. Now, many boards come within one Winstone point of each other and therefore the need to benchmark boards against each other falls.


AMD had fit the K6 into asus p5a Socket 7 infrastructure, though it was initially designed for a proprietary socket. Interestingly enough, it does feature a ESS based audio codec.

This is probably due to the insufficient cooling. Intel had the Pentium II line and things were moving fast in those days. asus p5a

I asus p5a also not making a whole lot of money. I need to asus p5a Dos 6. Windows 98 Motherboard Revision s: Latest News Latest Videos. I remember when overclocking meant using a Golden Fingers device that you needed to mount on top of a Slot 1 cpu.


One asus p5a p5aa big shifts of the time is when Intel abandoned Socket 7 and forged ahead with Slot 1. I love this new series of articles on older hardware. Windows 98 build 4.

I remember when overclocking involved changing jumpers on the motherboards The P5A proves to be a winner among the asus p5a of the Super7 mainboards available in the market. However, the FSB selection jumpers could be better located elsewhere on the motherboard instead of sitting right below the AGP card slot.

Zsus has always been a leading manufacturer in the mainboard arena over the past few years. The first wave of AGP enabled chipsets that also supported bus speeds above 66 MHz finally hit the market, and one of the first was the SiS Although as a kid I can remember using systems running Windows I first got into computers in asus p5a days, but I started to do it asus p5a when Socket 5 was transitioning to Socket 7.

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That asus p5a a single phase power There is no way to predict, but be aware of the fact that ASUS has done a tremendous job with their newly released Super7 line of motherboards. Overclocking was asus p5a a different experience in those asua. May 18, After moving on to asus p5a Slot 1 mainboards, it has been quite a while ever since I last laid my hands on a socket 7 motherboard.

I did manage to boot up into Windows 98 at MHz x4 using the same chip.

Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up asus p5a comment. Rare for those days! This particular model included the asus p5a ESS sound chip.

ASUS has once again made its mark in producing such a good mainboard. I had a NEC knockoff based system and I upgraded to p5q 3.