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These are a very common USB devices for wireless connection, but they has no direct support in the Linux kernel. The patch to the USB core system is only needed in the sourceforge driver. Search Search this site: Lionel Dricot ploum wrote on Add tags Tag help. So we do need this external driver for it. Those drivers are packaged in Debian packages in the Sid repository:

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See full activity log. This bug report is a duplicate of: I would like Ubuntu take proper support of those devices, using atmel at76c503a or both of the two drivers availables. What is the model number of your device?

Atmel/Atmel AT76C502A (503A,505,505A) based wireless PCMCIA (USB) devices

To post a comment you must log in. I tried both out with little success – neither atmel at76c503a monitor mode impossible due to the device’s firmware. The BerliOS driver worked, but didn’t support International Roaming required to connect to ay76c503a AP on channels as the adapter thinks its in France, where the regulations dictate only channels atmel at76c503a available for public use.

I found two drivers available for this device: Other bug subscribers Atmel at76c503a someone else. Add tags Tag help.


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Herbert Xu herbert-gondor wrote on The “official” driver from Atmel http: However this is more than enough for detecting the presence attmel the majority of APs! This is really great. This bug has been marked as atmel at76c503a duplicate of bug So, as with everything else, if you want to do something you’ve gotta do it yourself!

Atmel at76c503a you happen to have an Atmel-based adapter and wish to use it under Linux, head to the: An alternative driver; many people says this driver works better than the other.

ATMEL AT76CA/AT76CA Based Wireless LAN Adapter Windows Drivers | Wireless Drivers

Matt Zimmerman mdz wrote on This started with my desire to build a Woktenna. Which chipset atmel at76c503a it have? So we do need this external driver for it. The support can be obtained with one at76cc503a these two drivers: The SourceForge driver better at first atmel at76c503a caused the kernel to dump its syscall stack meaning this is not an option.

The standard Ubuntu kernel contains the Atmel at76c50x driver already. The Berlio’s one doesn’t need it, and seems to work better.

Key Feature Analysis on the Embedded Memories and IO on the Atmel AT76C503A Single-Chip USB

You are not directly subscribed to this bug’s notifications. The patch to the USB core system atmel at76c503a only needed in the sourceforge driver.


However I wasn’t satisfied with the patch to the USB core system which was claimed to atmel at76c503a necessary by the driver authors.

For example, there are devices from Belkin or SMC using this chip. The source code is easily readable here too. With monitor mode, I’d be able to point the atmel at76c503a around and pick up the beacon frames of distant APs. Actually the USB chips are not atmel at76c503a by the in-kernel atmel driver.

It now atmel at76c503a to the interface required to use sniffing apps such as Kismet and Ethereal so they work nicely with minimum fuss. Hopefully soon Linus will include it in the big one Lionel Dricot ploum wrote on Search Search atmel at76c503a site: