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Login or Sign Up. I kinda like it, especially for the price. Recording direct it gets you decent meat and potato tones for tracking. I had an Alesis midiverb in the effects loop https: Since its got an effects loop you can run other gain boxes in the loop and get more variety.

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Boss GL Guitar Driver | Reverb

I kinda like it, especially for the price. However im missing the footswitch. The sounds are actually very good on the thing, both boss gl 100 guitar and dirty, with one exception: It looks pretty 80’s maybe early 90’s based on the style of the gkitar, but that’s not really specific.

Hit distortion on the Boss, and WOW. I was told it keeps you from passing electricity through your heart and also to take off any rings, watches, etc.

I have a couple of things you can try, based on my experience with other GT-series processors. I just can’t get over how great the distortion is with the hum I was getting from the HM2.

Boss,GL,Guitar Driver, Guitar,Preamp,Vintage, Rare”.2 channel | eBay

Oops, looks like you forgot something. We’re the world’s largest marketplace for buying and selling new, used, and vintage music gear. Recording direct it gets you decent meat and potato tones for tracking.

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Has anyone experienced this?

Turn the Speaker sim switch on, turn on my amps OD channel. For those we have lost.

I also heard many complaints about noise issues, tone quality, and difficulty engaging effects, enough to put me off the thing. McBride Music and Pawn is dedicated to giving great deals and providing excellent customer service. Its got speaker emulation boss gl 100 guitar removes the harshness you normally get from a preamp signal when you record direct. I did use it for awhile in my live rig, but it does better driving a power amp then running it into a boss gl 100 guitar amp, but its still not bad that way.

Here’s one tune I did using that Boss recording the guitars direct.

You need an account to post a reply. How is the speaker simulation feature on this preamp? Im thinking i could just make one no? You can get some Boston type driven guitar if you use the high gain settings and play with the mids but overall its drive tones are a bit 80ish. Was it the precursor to boss gl 100 guitar GP?

Its also got High and low impedance outputs, a buffered go for a tuner or another amp and a stereo effects loop.

Boss GL-100 Guitar Driver

First of all, listen through the Headphone jack – if you’re still hearing the noise in there, boss gl 100 guitar know the problem is in boss gl 100 guitar GT I expect you’ve checked your cables, amp input and guitar out jack, to make hoss the problem isn’t with any of those. This is a pretty useful Boss related website I’ve used in the past.


It’s an very cool solid state analog guitar preamp – a very different flavour to the typical tubey sounding preamps. Click here to login.

GL-100 Manual

Thanks for some validation on that! Hi everyone, So I recently got my hands on a GL and when I bought it, it seemed to have generally positive reviews so I felt like, eh. Advertise on the most comprehensive and widely viewed gyitar website. Subscribe to our Newsletter. These things are a steal for their current price.

I got rack ears with it yes, they seem pretty easy to make if your good boss gl 100 guitar metal.