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To open Info Central, click on the icon installed to the desktop when the SmartDriver was installed on the computer. Refer to chapter 6 of this manual for removal and replacement procedures. June Updated for RoHS compliance. The modulation variant depends on the class of card. Lift the opposite end of the shaft and remove the roller. Rear Drive Roller If present, partially remove the smart card contact carrier: Rotate the printhead cam until the cam flag is clear of the sensor.

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Remove the Upper Printer Datacard cp80 plus from the interstage platform page 6- The Mifare card is fairly common because it is based on an open standard used by many manufacturers.

With the rear of the printer free, slide the printer back to disengage the front retaining hook from the datacard cp80 plus chassis. Testing the Ribbon and Pick Motors Because the ribbon and pick motors datacare identical, swapping the two motors can plu whether the motor is faulty or the control board is faulty.

Refer to chapter 6 of this manual for removal and replacement procedures. Make sure the sensor is fully seated and locked into position.

Datacard Cp80 Plus Duplex ID Card Thermal Printer With Laminator & Many Extras

datacard cp80 plus If the error continues, replace the main control board. Replacement Notes Snap the coupler back into the chassis using the four mounting bracket locking tabs. Power Supplies Power Supplies The same procedure is used for all three datacard cp80 plus supplies. Obtain a new download an updated firmware update update file. Try to update file.


DataCard CP80 Plus Service Manual

This test card is available only to datacard cp80 plus Advanced User in Diagnostics. Patch material is too far from the leading edge of the card. Print several laminate test cards to verify that the sensor is functional. Page Simultaneously pull back on the transport chassis and forward on the input hopper. Unhinge the swingarm dataczrd pulling back on the hinge tab.

Page 60 Laminator Routine Maintenance Procedures The entire routine maintenance procedure should be completed each time the laminator is serviced. Datacard cp80 plus all connectors from the duplex interface board. To open Info Central, click on the icon installed to datacaard desktop when the SmartDriver was installed on the computer.

Start sentinel adjustment The Track boxes show the current start sentinel values and the format defined for the track.

Magnetic stripe encoder set screw 1. Inspect all sensor datacard cp80 plus make sure they are properly seated in their mounting locations. Remove the ribbon cartridge and cleaning roller. Use a screwdriver to press the plastic locking tabs out of the chassis.

Open the retaining flap above the roller. Disconnect the heater, thermocouple, and lift home sensor wires from the laminator control datacard cp80 plus. General Notes This datacard cp80 plus is organized sequentially for the customer engineer who is encountering an CP80 or CP80 Plus printer for the first time, and begins with installing the diagnostic software, navigating and using the software, and concludes with specific adjustment procedures for the printer.


My account Items of interest 0. The service representatives must complete an authorized Datacard training course prior to servicing the printers.

Datacard CP80 Plus Identification Badging System – ECR

The flipper will rotate and re-register at the handoff position. Unless the printer is exhibiting signs of resonance during the laminating process such as excessive noisethis value should remain at the factory default setting. Next, select User Properties from the File menu to datacard cp80 plus the logon level.

Page datacard cp80 plus Theory of Operation Connect the three connectors. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page.