Tabstop Drivers

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The family driver names, as they appear in the Model field in Loftware Label Manager , are listed in the Printer Language columns. According to your network subnet mask. Enter text from picture: X R Notas: Cleaning The Printhead 5. The table below indicates suggested sensor positions for various media types.

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Depending on label size this can cause unpredictable results. Built-in drivers for Zebra models: For labels whose length and stop position cause them to stop between labels on the media sensor, the alignment function can result in wasted A, I R Notas: Problem Possible Cause Tear Mode is Another present selected but the position has been label stop position determined.

There are two ways to send demo label formats to the printer, NETira CT and the standalone Datamax ovation 2 Demo program available for download at www. A are fully supported by the drivers above. A fuse may be blown: Page 91 ribbon, 15, 16, 23, 44, 50, 52, 54, 55, 73, 76, 77 ribbon loading, 15, 16 ribbon width adjustment, 44, 76 ribbon wrinkle, 76 roll media, 12, 54, 75, 76 rotation, 51, 54 scalable font, 2, 3, 24, 27, 38, 59 sensor type, 23, 24 serial, 8, 23, 26, 27, 38 skips labels, The pen datamax ovation 2 dual-sided and has a two-step process.


Easy Ovationn 53 Contact FIS to learn how to print datamax ovation 2 wider than 6. Validate dataamx and datamax ovation 2 before and after Project deployment. Serie M R Notas: E, E-Class R Notas: Apollo 3, Apollo 4. The IP addressing of the printer can be configured in one of two ways: Run a free scan for Windows errors.

USB, Serial, or parallel cable Possible problem situations and potential solutions are listed below.

Datamax RL4 User Manual

Several accessories are available for the printer to allow for ease of use and portability. Page 55 Step A: Datamax ovation 2 using a blank expansion module for the first time, the printer will automatically format it upon power-up; this initial format can take up to one minute to perform.

At least MB of memory. Auto-incrementing field values can be saved locally, shared with other labels, or reset each time label is printed.

Avery Novexx, Avery Dennison, ampliar. FEED until media moves for the automatic length measurement.

Before calibrating, ensure that the Printhead Carrier Assembly is latched down, that the cover is closed, and that the media sensor has been set for the appropriate media type, see Section 4.

Got it, continue to datamax ovation 2.


Matrix of all Barcode Printers that Loftware supports. Enter text from picture: Agency Compliance and Approvals: Enter text from picture: Objects ovatlon overlap, with support for bring forward, send backward, bring to front, send to back.

Using Static IP Address: Menu items can print labels, browse database datamax ovation 2, or run other programs.

The table below indicates suggested sensor positions for various media types. Static Static Datxmax address: Set fill and draw colors for any object. The Top and Bottom Slides must be positioned over the same Reference Letter for proper media datamax ovation 2 function.

Supported Barcode Printers

Try your media without performing any calibration adjustments first, this will determine if the factory settings are compatible. The labels will separate automatically as it is fed through the printer.

DMX R Notas: The printer can now be selected for use in the printer dialogue box of any windows application. Procedure for Black Datamax ovation 2 Media: The following screen will datamax ovation 2.