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Progress information is written approximately every second and at the end of the encoding process. Enable loading of external tracks, disabled by default. HH expresses the number of hours, MM the number of minutes for a maximum of 2 digits, and SS the number of seconds for a maximum of 2 digits. Set whether to enable optimization for mono. This page was last edited on 21 March , at The duration of the files if not specified by the duration directive will be reduced based on their specified Out point.

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Specify how many microseconds nd analyzed to probe the input. As a general rule, options are applied to the next specified file. Set the maximum valid delay between frames in decklink hd extreme 2 of seconds.

On by default unless standard input is used as an input. The world’s first Ultra HD live production switchers!

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This option is intended for decklink hd extreme 2. Some of the following options are listed but are not documented, and correspond to shared codec options. This encoder requires the presence of the libxvidcore headers and library during configuration. Only the mpeg2 and h decoders provide these.

An unlabeled input will be connected to the first unused input stream of the matching type. A higher value corresponds to a higher quality. Set quality for experimental VBR support.

Select decklink hd extreme 2 method to share your configuration. For example, “trunc This option is similar to -filterthe only difference is that its argument is the name of the file from which a filtergraph description is to be read.

If set to 0, libavformat will continue buffering packets until it has a packet for each stream, regardless of the maximum timestamp difference between the buffered packets. Attachments extremw implemented as a specific type of stream, so this option will add a new stream to the file.


For example to enable repeated log output, add the level prefix, and set loglevel decklink hd extreme 2 verbose:.

The format for this option is a string containing 16 decklink hd extreme 2 hexadecimal numbers without 0x prefix separated by comas, for example 0d00ee, eed,eaeaea, 0ce60b, ec14ed, ebff0b, 0da, 7b7b7b, d1d1d1, 7b2a0e, 0dc, decklink hd extreme 2, cf0dec, cfa80c, 7cb. Show informative messages during processing. The size of the output file is slightly more than the requested file size. When used as an input option before -ilimit the duration of data read from the input file. Introduce a stream in the virtual file.


The floating-point encoder will generally produce better quality audio for a given bitrate. The allowed values of yd are:. Each term can be:. Specifying a positive offset means that the corresponding streams are delayed by the time duration specified in offset. Set bitrate in bits per second. The unit is remotely controlled using any computer or mobile device with a web browser.

Indicates whether the stream uses Declink Headphone encoding multi-channel matrixed to 2.

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Fully controllable from ATEM switchers. Normally, when forcing a I-frame type, the encoder can select any type of I-frame. More specifically, it controls the number of extra algorithms and compression tools used, and varies the combination of these tools.

Decklink hd extreme 2 set to autothe matrix matching the profile will be picked. This option is valid only using the ffmpeg command-line tool. Many libx encoder options are mapped to FFmpeg global codec options, while unique encoder options are provided through private options. It should only be enabled if the source is known to be non malicious. This factor is applied exponentially. For example, if you have two audio streams in the first input file, these streams are identified by “0: Assuming that an expression is considered “true” if it has decklink hd extreme 2 non-zero value, note that:.


Select additional drives in Drive Bay 2, 3, and 4 below. This encoder is considered to produce output on par or worse at kbps to the the native FFmpeg AAC encoder but can often produce better sounding audio at identical or lower bitrates and has support for the AAC-HE profiles.

Note that VBR is decklink hd extreme 2 enabled when the vbr value is positive.

Not all demuxers support this. This option decklink hd extreme 2 be used to suppress printing this information. Specify number of bits for alpha component. Thus, it is vital to back up all data when using a decklink hd extreme 2 RAID 0 array. If set to 1, every packet will contain the lavf. A key frame is forced in case the evaluation is non-zero. This option enables or disables accurate xecklink in input files with the -ss dscklink.

The following options are supported by the libtwolame wrapper. Controlled from Mac or Windows via your network! Set the audio sampling frequency.