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Maybe Dell is annoyed with the whole Sony exploding battery situation still and striking back at them by not supporting their flash cards now? This is being sold AS IS because the laptop no longer turns on even after charging it. Operating System Edition see all. Best computer Dell ever produced. Item Location see all.

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I dell inspiron pp23la someone can use it and it as good to them as it was me. Dell Inspiron vintage laptop You’re looking at a year-oldDell Inspiron About this product Product Information Housing all the features in a slim and sleek design, the Dell Inspiron notebook is your perfect on-the-go entertainment solution. ExpressCard slot, 3-in-1 card reader, microphone jack, headphone jack, 2 USB 2. Unit is free of large dell inspiron pp23la and scratches small dent on top of the screen casing.

The notebook is sturdy enough to feel comfortable lifting it by one corner.

Of course any Office application works fine and surfing the web is quite seamless, although web page rendering can sometimes be noticeably slower on this laptop. I will do dell inspiron pp23la thing I can to help you.

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Dell Inspiron Laptop 1501 AMD Turion 64×2 1GB 60GB DVD RW PP23LA

Dell Inspiron 15 i Laptop It is very possible there will be flaws dell inspiron pp23la miss. It was an everyday user for programming remote controls, lighting, and home automation. It makes you wonder. I miss having a pointing stick like I do on a ThinkPad, but such an input device is the realm of business notebooks and not consumer. Drll Sempron 1. The Inspiron matches much of the Dell lineup clad in painted silver with white trim on top and a black underside.

Small dell inspiron pp23la in white plastic case trim. This is a seriously underpowered laptop, even for its age. A dedicated graphics card offers much better graphics performance than integrated — the only option the inspigon. Ports and plugs on the side look clean and clear.

Dell Inspiron 1501

McAfee Virus and Spam Control will drive you buggy, the best part is that it reports when the bloatware already installed is trying to do stuff behind your back:. If you’re looking for a decent machine that won’t break the bank, dell inspiron pp23la worth a look. One day on a dell inspiron pp23la to Florida, I had forgot that I put my laptop on top of the van and drove off and heard the laptop hit the road. Its rendering tasks can stress up to sixteen multiprocessors on the same computer.

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The Inspiron has a subset of the Intel based Inspiron e features and carries the same basic design and build as that popular laptop. New HP bsWM No other information is available due to being unable to get into the laptop.

Running on the Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition operating system, this Dell Inspiron dell inspiron pp23la provides an efficient and intuitive user-interface.

Power jack, modem jack, ethernet jack, 2 USB 2. I configured an Inspiron and e with all of the same hardware features, except of course for the processor.

Dell Inspiron , a review of Dell Inspiron

For the e I selected a pp223la. Dell does not include the “Media Direct” software that can be accessed without booting into Windows.

AMD Dell inspiron pp23la 64 X2. They also play loud, for a notebook, without distortion. It looks cheap, feels cheap and awkward not to mention the plastic piece is begging to be lost if you remove it.