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It offers connectivity via 2 x 4 internal wide port. Now, server was not able to boot. Had this issue yesterday on my where it lost the raid config. Hector March 30, , 3: Thank you very much. I have RADI 5 configuration due to space issues I bought another 2 TB SATA disk and inserted that into the server, I made it online in the configuration menu for Raid, but the problem is that I can not see the space, How can Insert new disks without losing current configuration and data and how can see increase the space in drive d of this server?

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After all that is described above, the system starts a Background Initialization of the hard drives, or you can initialize it manually by the following.

We specialize in Dell serve Adding to cart Please wait while we add your item s to cart For Friday shipments only. September 20, It offers connectivity via 2 x 4 internal wide port.

DELL Tutorial: Create RAID Using PERC 6/i Integrated BIOS Configuration Utility

Sorry for asking such a stupid question? October 19,7: Thank you very much.


This section will display all available disks that are not configured yet. Orleen Cross April 21,3: Also i plug all the card integrated or not in the special slot dedicated for the controller in my poweredge Had tried downloading loads of Dell software and setup discs but the only one that worked was the one above.

Dell PERC – Wikipedia

It has 4 hard drives. When I initialize and reboot, there are no disks found and i did it once but i dont know where iam going wrong.

This information was very good to meā€¦Grettings. Ronald September 21, Saleem Tahiri July 6, Is there any way to do this?

what the difference between dell perc 6/i integrated and dell perc 6/i ? – Dell Community

That has the open manage app and lets you do more than you can at the Control R screens to expand an array, etc. This will display a pop-up menu with following choices. I then am trying to dell perc 6 i integrated raid controller the array to 4 active drives.

Fred September 27,4: Johan December 23,5: Thanks for this tutorial.

But i still have some with installing Windows server on PE Fantastic post, right level of detail and cojtroller screenshots were exactly what I neededā€¦ clear consise and not to technical. Cris M January 27,7: Ripoli April 10,5: I need to use the previously installed drives in the server again.


I have a problem: It reaches reading scsi id 5 as the cd rom drive. This total size is calculated and displayed automatically in the VD Size under basic settings.

Mike May 14,1: The forth disk is used for parity. I really like the new RAID conrollers on Dell servers, as they have the RAID-5, which I think is an better option without sacrificing the fail-over capability, as if one drive fails, your data is still not lost. Once an order has been paid, we will test the server and apply any BIOS updates necessary.