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The layout is generally good, if not great. Those buttons can be handy for testing outside of a case. Besides, we’re inclined to take DFI at their word. That RAM was not used during testing for this particular article, so we mention it merely as a point of interest. One complaint that we did have was with the X16 PEG retention mechanism. A great deal of DFI’s success can be attributed to their feature-filled BIOS’ that allows processor and memory tweaking along with incredible overclocking abilities, thanks in part to acquiring Oscar Wu from Abit.

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Investigations into Socket 939 Athlon 64 Overclocking

What remains, then, are the last three components that will generally have an impact on your overclocking endeavors. Log in Don’t have an account? It’s only a small percentage speed jump to 2. With the LAN Party line-up still reigning supreme among DFI’s products, the Infinity series is ulltra designed with keeping the dfi infinity nf4 ultra price in mind.

kltra We’re using the “middle” model, the nForce4 Standard. The marketing and products were solid and as a result DFI and the LanParty series are household names.

DFI NF4 SLI & Ultra Infinity Motherboard Reviews – Legit ReviewsIntroduction

Of course, if you’re adventurous, you can always just use a small metal item to short the required pins to accomplish the same result – don’t blame us if you fry your system that intinity, though! Monday, October 17, The small fan dfi infinity nf4 ultra make a bit of noise, though “silent” and “overclocking” rarely go together.

We’ve already given our warnings about overclocking, however, so do what you will. The dfi infinity nf4 ultra downside to this is that most people that take the plunge into building their own computer are not rich and tend to look for deals or the best bang for their buck. Please update your bookmarks and be sure to visit the new and improved Ninjalane at Hardwareasylum.


For those of you that have followed Ninjalane over the years you may notice that we are featuring a product that not only is special and unique but is also a Ninjalane first. The location of the extra Firewire port is a bit odd, so if you plan to use that for a front case port, you’ll need to do some creative routing of the cable.

That sort of work is often for a real job, though, dfi infinity nf4 ultra we’re hesitant to suggest that anyone overclock a system that is being used for important work.

After careful consideration I have decided to transfer all dfi infinity nf4 ultra review activities to a new domain. Auto,, The voltage setting of the motherboard, for my Gigabyte, has to be on Auto for Crystal to be able to change it.

With the price being an important matter, the retail packaging dfi infinity nf4 ultra bare compared against some of the previous DFI products we have reviewed. Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. While we don’t prescribe to that philosophy ourselves a vast majority of the computer building community does.

DFI Infinity nF4 Ultra Motherboard Review | Ninjalane

Besides, we’re inclined to take DFI at their word. We’ve resized the images for comparison, dfi infinity nf4 ultra TigerDirect on the left and Newegg on the right. PCI Express is quickly taking over the motherboard scene, unfortunately high-end graphics cards are the only PCI Express devices you can currently buy.


I’m not going to come out and say it but if anyone happens to figure out what it is send me a PM and you might win a prize. One complaint that we did have was with the X16 PEG retention mechanism.

We’d also prefer a larger heat sink on the Northbridge, perhaps with passive cooling. Written by Michael Larabel in Motherboards on 13 February Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment.

That RAM was not used during testing for this particular article, so we mention it merely as a point dfi infinity nf4 ultra interest. Many boards have a clip that locks dfi infinity nf4 ultra rear of the graphics card into place, but the Infinity has a sort of “hook” design.

When DFI launched the LanParty line of motherboards they uultra at a very narrow though highly vocal sector of the hardware market with one dfi infinity nf4 ultra in mind, to get DFI known in the enthusiast community. Of course always do your research before buying to ensure you bf4 a good idea as to what you are getting. Unlike the LanParty series, the Infinity is pretty boring in terms of looks.

I can’t say what the maximum voltage would be for a Venice.