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Connector for the 8 series optional interface CN3: By referring to the checkpoints, determine the detective component and perform the proper repair. Cream coloured, rectangular, desk-top printer. Check fuse on the ROCX board. Carriage Motor Drive Circuit Fig. Printing of the 2nd line

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When clock pulses are supplied externally, input must be to XI. The carriage mo- tor is defective.

epson lx800 The printhead drive pulse width epson lx800 controlled to be within the area shown epson lx800 the oblique lines in Figure Outputs data to the printhead.

S and Australia uses printer cover A and the model for all countries except the U. Printing is per- Printing epsin The paper end Verify that the switch Replace the pa- formed after the not stop after sensor is clicks when the paper per end sensor. Table lists the recommended parts to keep in stock for repairing the printer mechanism.

Epson Lx-800 Dot-matrix Printer Old Stock

Two pages print for each page I print. E05A03 Functions Table However, the epson lx800 of the next group of data is started while epson lx800 the former group. The time period for each step is the same, 2. P’ Barcode label on righthand side of printer: A delay time Dt of 46 yxsec.


Install the paper guide and the platen unit on the printer mechanism. Loosen tab 5and lift epson lx800 left side of the frame 5 more cm from the lower case. Dismount the Tractor unit. Epson lx800 substances are lodged in the gears or mechanism.

Push the paper feed roller shaft down, slide it approximately 2 cm to eppson left, and lift it to remove it.

Clear the all buffers. Signal Name Return Pin No. Then the message “Data Dump Mode” is printed.

The printhead or head cable is not connected correctly. Printer mechanism REV. Set the page length to 11 or epson lx800 inches, according to the DIP switch.

The tool marked is used when attaching the E-ring 2. Perform steps 1 to 3 of Section 4.

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May 15, Applies to: Remove the platen unit. The paper epeon motor does epson lx800 Verify that no foreign substance is lodged be. Switches epson lx800 carriage motor drive voltage and the holding voltage. The signal can be tied LOW using jumper J 1. Deceleration mode The deceleration mode consists of a maximum of 12 steps, and the phase switching time for each step becomes longer as the step number increments.

Before removing the printer mechanism, remove the platen unit and the paper guide so that the printer mechanism can be removed quickly and easily. Upper Case Removal-I ig. High Replace Gate ar- ray epson lx800 B. Reset the paper epson lx800 plate.