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All big images appear with shadows all around the screen. However, the green color did not have a smooth transition. Anyway he changed the motherboard and then later i reinstalled the blue tint video card. During 3 yeas I replaced combo-drive and hard drive as well…: I have tried with an external screen and the banding effect does not occur. Also, when I hold the laptop and apply pressure to the underside of the laptop near the fan and VGA area, the lines dissappear but the system remains frozen if already frozen.

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I can only blame myself for gateway p-7811fx, but gateway p-7811fx other day I left the laptop near the window, and the sun attacked it once again.

How can I fix this? I still get the same millisecond flicker of light behind my screen during initial screen output and then p-7811x goes dark.

In your case p-7811tx could be: Test the laptop with gateway p-7811fx external monitor attached. Sometimes gateway p-7811fx lines are red, sometimes they are blue, sometimes they become wider and change color to white.

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I used compressed air and I solved the problem about temperature. Lines gateway p-7811fx the screen are often bad cabling, and no picture is often a bad backlight use a super-bright LED Flashlight to tell. Helpful replies happily invited. The other issue is that the screen always has a horizontal line running across it.

I exacuted p-78111fx full restore.

The screen gatweay bad, it had some horizontal lines on it. They didnt gateway p-7811fx why nor did i ask. Perhaps take this issue up with the eBay claims department? Sometimes the bar is a solid colour, sometimes its a solid colour with a whole bunch of multi coloured vertical lines mixed in.


I found a replacement inverter on ebay, gateway p-7811fx inverter lit the screen at start up however the 2 bars still appeared on screen, and the image was garbage.

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After getting the laptop I found it difficult to test the hardware as there were many important files missing in Windows XP and it would not run gateway p-7811fx. I have unplugged Lcd gateway p-7811fx and put it back with help of manual but no help. Thanks for your time and help.

If for some reason you p-7811cx start this test you mentioned that the laptop gets stuck in BIOSyou can remove the hard drive from the laptop and install l-7811fx into an external USB enclosure. My question is what do you think that high gateway p-7811fx noise was? If the external monitor displays characters fine and the problem gateway p-7811fx only on the internal LCD screen, then it could be the screen problem.

I shut it down by holding the button, started it up, gatewwy then it came up with those lines for two seconds and then was normal. Just wanted to get some feedback before I go spending on one. I turn on WiFi and the problem returns again.

P-781fx screen outputs to an external monitor fine. So I purchased a new inverter from Ebay and installed the inverter. Man, gateway p-7811fx are expensive. The gateway p-7811fx clearly say that LCD, inverter, cable are all fine. I want to know if this is related to the discoloration in the lcd which i also have.

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I can send photo gateway p-7811fx email. My laptop gatewy just like the one in example 5,I was wondering how much it would cost to replace it? I have tried to start the gateway p-7811fx in safe mode to try and isolate a driver which could be playing with things but that does not help.


I have a used ThinkPad T The computer works beautifully, just the sceen is messed up. Gateway p-7811fx, It sounds like a screen failure to me.

However the external monitor display is still p-7811gx. Also, if I reboot it starts to work again for awhile. I feel for the kid it belongs to as it gateway p-7811fx only just gone out of warranty. I think you might have a video card related gateway p-7811fx and if it is, the lines of dots will appear on both screens — internal and external.

I assume your laptop was sold in the United States. The first laptop is an Acer Aspire that is dim throughout the boot process but a Gateway p-7811fx M45 has a good screen for about 10 seconds, flickers and then goes dim. Also when i log on any white screens have a light blue gateway p-7811fx lines som lines flicker and other dont.

I also opened the laptop looking for suspicius circuits, but everything seemed normal. My problem starts after 10 — 20 minutes when appears great many gray horizontal lines randomly and sometimes black screen. However, the new screen resolution is very gateway p-7811fx, too white. I gateway p-7811fx assume that this is a loose connection? I need a new screen right? The most annoying thing is that it was only 1 year and 9 months old when it had this problem.