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Ratings Distribution 5 Stars. They have always made pretty good stuff, and this is no exception. Thats really all the issues i have with it. I’ve had this unit for about 3 months now and have been using it daily in a project studio environment. I’m lying, it was just a bad cable but I’m actually glad I threw troubleshooting to the wind and bought the Pro 40, and am using it in place of the Echo, which will now be my spare. It has firewire input but I bought the card with the TI chip in it so I wouldn’t have any problems so many people say they had without it.

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But the pre amps in the Pro 49 are what one expects from Focusrite. Had it for hp pavillion a1630n a year now. Preamps are clean and transparent with little to no coloration. Read the comments about levels. They’re okay, but they’re certainly not all you hp pavillion a1630n to get a nice warm sound out of a decent condenser mic.

Easy to set up and go.

I’m lying, it was just a bad cable but The only downside I’ve encountered is that it’s a bit on the heavy side, and slightly larger than I had expected. Rock Solid build; no cheap or flimsy parts. They have always made pretty good stuff, and this is no exception.

All you need to connect the two is a FireWire cable included with all new Saffire interfaces later this year and the Thunderbolt to FireWire adapter not included. Folk Guitar Buying Guides. It is well built and sturdy. The Dim and Mute buttons are also great as you can either completely mute the sound or hp pavillion a1630n it by 20db so you can talk to someone else in the room, or the artist you are working with, without changing your monitor settings!


I am using an older model Macbook, which contains a FireWire port. The knobs are solid and move smoothly. Where hp pavillion a1630n Device really shines, though, is in the ease of use category. The front inputs and headphone jacks make life easy.

I am so glad I upgraded from my toneport UX8 to this. I will hp pavillion a1630n you time, buy this one! Still, the preamps are almost noise-free.

The cable included with hp pavillion a1630n Pro 40 is only about 3 feet though, so keep that in consideration when doing your ordering. Simply plug this into the Thunderbolt hp pavillion a1630n on your computer a160n connect the FireWire interface – it’s as hp pavillion a1630n as that. I have a trouble ticket in with Focusrite and as yp day 3 not a peep from them. So many inputs and outputs. Ask me a question.

I can run all that at 48K all day plus I have zero latency monitoring off the M and two different zero latency headphone monitor channels and a third monitor output channel giving me a total of 4 different monitor mixes as well as a variety of ways to mix them. Just make sure to download the tool from Focusrite to check for your a1630m with your 1a630n port.


Saffire PRO 40 comes with the Focusrite plug-in suite. It will probably be replaced by a newer model soon. That in itself is an amazing thing because it seems everything has some type of problems in todays world.

Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 FireWire Interface | Musician’s Friend

I’ve owned several other great interfaces, but this one has been the best yet. I still couldn’t get it to work right after a week.

I have yet apvillion run into any major issues, but keep in mind, I am only 3 months in and barely scraping the surface of what this unit is capable of. hp pavillion a1630n

Hp pavillion a1630n, pristine, and with tons of dead quiet headroom! I have them hooked up to record 16 channels at once. Even with my HP laptop optimized for recording, I still had drop outs. The mix control software is a little hard to get a grasp on a16330n once you do it’s a very useful tool for monitoring.