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No Bluetooth Cramped keyboard. And that is just the start of it. One other element of the teacher use of the Classmate intrigued me. Although made for profit, the production of the Classmate PC is considered an Information and Communication Technologies for Development project. This classmate PC like the previous ones has full support for Linux. Intel does not build the subnotebooks, but does produce the chips that power them. They are currently being sold through sears.

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The classmate PC has a built-in accelerator that auto rotates the screen to match the orientation in which you are holding it. But all Classmates have modifications for educational use not found inteo-powered a regular netbook.

Intel-Powered Convertible Classmate PC: The Touch Netbook to Emulate

Try New Atlas Plus. Or maybe will put a touchscreen or similar on my eee 20G. Bucherer winds up the world’s most expensive motorcycle. intel–powered

Below the display are the stereo speakers. It is currently [ when? Hardware-based theft deterrent [45]. December 17th, at Intel-powered convertible classmate pc is sold by various retailers, including MediaMarkt. The hardware and software are specifically designed for educational use but Intel wants this to be much more than just another classroom tool.


The dust-tarnished adventure and camper vans of Overland Expo West HP caters to creatives with Studio x convertible. We complained last time that:. Ocean Cleanup Project tests the waters with its first rollout in the Pacific.

Turns out Intel had some pretty interesting plans up their sleeve and now the notebook is preloaded with lots of software that takes advantage of intel-powered convertible classmate pc touchscreen including a program called Vision Objects Pen Input, which turns handwriting into editable text and contains a virtual keyboard. Or where they carry the classmate as a tablet when they are doing science experiments, etc.

Skinit will be working with schools intel-powered convertible classmate pc create skins with team classmafe. The tiny house movement’s most tasteful interiors. For example, the Algodoo software uses the webcam to create physical models from live photos.

Intel-Powered Convertible classmate PC Review – The Gadgeteer

They are available through retail outlets such as Amazon. Mandriva Linux Discovery 3.

The basic purpose of Intel for designing these classmate PCs is following:. The 50 most valuable Volkswagen Beetles ever sold.

Microsoft beefs up the Surface Book 2 for creative work and VR gaming. Converts to a touch screen tablet Auto rotates Good battery life.

Classmate PC – Wikipedia

A built-in accelerometer detects tilting of the unit and intel-powered convertible classmate pc the display between portrait and landscape modes accordingly and the new unit also offers improved ruggedness surviving drop tests from desk intel-powered convertible classmate pc. The program designed a platform for low cost laptops that third party manufacturers could use to produce low cost machines under their own respective convertiblee.


Water-resistant keyboard, drop-proof construction, and sturdy, easy-to-clean plastic chassis [47]. Especially the water-resistant part. The specs intel-poweree we mentioned last time seem to remain the same for this netbook: Overpeople receive our email newsletter.

I looked into the Classmate before choosing an Acer Aspire.

I can intel-powered convertible classmate pc kids using them to take tests where they select multiple choice answers with their styli.

February 2nd, at 6: This version was first on sale in Italy, but by the end of the year it was also available in many European countries.