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Device type for the Lexmark T laser printer. It’s printed about pages total. The w toner cartridges have a small counting chip that looks like a small printed circuit board on the top right hand side. The one trick which worked for me a couple of times is to apply a lot of pressue to the center of the pickup opening without any paper in the tray. To do this, enter service mode Utility, Stop, 0,0,Stop,0,1 and search through the listings for the clear function. Thanks anyway – godhelpme. I am an electronics engineer, technician, with over 40 years experience, so I would really be very happy to know if there is a secret reset method to clearing this code and putting our machine back on line.

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CAN85 is compatible with all releases as of 4. Multifunctional Print, copy, scan and fax functionality konica bizhub c450 a compact MFP. Printer is showing no problems, I have cleaned the lense and all rubber rollers look fine.

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Notice how the mechanical interlock connects up the the shutter inside the laser scanner. The tab broke off of the toner, and I wasn’t able to remove it with a set of pliers at least in the way I was using them. It appears that the Konica Repair Tech that started this thread with his hizhub offer to help, no longer reads konica bizhub c450 nor replies with answers to posted questions. So I am currently using a driver for OS With all that kknica toner around, you can basically ruin a konica bizhub c450.

Clean this with soft cloth or tissue.

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The pick off is c50 the left side of the printer. Can you tell me how to format a hard disk so it is recognized by a Page Pro ?


TXT contains information on how to import the device types. Konica-Minolta Tech asked Sep konica bizhub c450, at Then there is a metal cover. Where’s this three-prong thingie?

The machine are not running. I cleaned the feed tire and no more pickup problems! Device type for the Kyocera laser printers F and FS. The jamming has actually stopped but I have only printed a couple of dozen pages bec the print is still starting much lower than the set margins [the printing starts 2 or 3 inches from the top of konica bizhub c450 page]. Test Konica bizhub c450 for printer networkability I am kindly requesting for your assistance in this regard.

I took out the blue toner and put it back in but no luck. Thank you for noting a possible cause konica bizhub c450 that the toner cartridge s koniac not be sitting correctly, and thus one may need to pay slose attention when installing knoica replacement toner cartridge.

What other things can I do to determine the problem? I have called a repair guy to find out konica bizhub c450 he can fix. At least you had fun taking things apart. These levers are in the up position on new printers usually when shipped. CN is compatible with all releases as of 4. Note contains information on device types for printers from the producer Blzhub Packard. The problem comes from drum cartidge, the black toner cartidge works properly.

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Buy the part off minolta if you can, if not buy it off seacroft, the price difference is just people making money. Should be doing that soon with the color toners. To do this, enter service mode Utility, Stop, konica bizhub c450 and search through the listings for the clear function.


I have w that I am ready to chuck out the window. Maybe not important, but konica bizhub c450 good to know. Note contains information on device types for printers from konicx producer NRG.

I have a magic color dl, and the drum started going bad, I replaced the drum toner has been in there for a few months but the first time i started it i receive a fatal error 17H. CNC68E is compatible with all releases as of 4. This is because with the pin not in the groove the optical sensor is konica bizhub c450 fed inaccurate information.

This was only visible after removing drum from assembly. I just konica bizhub c450 the toner on my magicolor and now I get the 17h error, call support.

I cleaned the small sensor chips on the magenta and cyan toner cartridges, closed it up, and I have a ready light again with no konica bizhub c450 Device type konca HP LaserJet color laser. The device type supports Japanese character set. At the left konica bizhub c450 the pick off mirror. LX Device type for the Lexmark laser printer series I can’t tell you off the top of my head how to do, I just fly by the seat of my pants DL is compatible with all releases as of 4.

Pull the plate in the direction the springs allow it to go about a half inch then allow it to snap back into place.

Konica bizhub c450 have a Konica Minolta W Magicolor printer.