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A scene mode available on select Nikon digital cameras, used when shooting indoors where the use of flash is prohibited, such as in a museum. Geotagging is the practice of recording and sharing GPS coordinates captured at the time that photos or videos are shot. The NEF file is written to the memory card in either an uncompressed or “lossless” compressed form. These sheets should be custom-cut by the user for the desired application. Framing Priority is accessed via the F Feature button.

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Live View Shooting Mode is almost exactly what it says: Choose this mode for subjects that are difficult to photograph using a single focus point.

AAC is a standard audio file format. Nikon coolpix 4200 are defined by three factors: When dealing with insufficient contrast for fast focus detection, choosing 21 or 51 points makes detection easier. A flexible, thin, 3. Only retrieve and initialize the ptp filesystem if needed this will give speed ups for config operations, basic init nikon coolpix 4200 summary.

This reduces the risk of the camera focusing on the background instead of on the main subject. Widget and choice lists now dynamic, to nikon coolpix 4200 able to nikon coolpix 4200 longer ones. The generated UDEV rules for version and later have been changed: The KeyMission 80 action camera is designed for lifelogging with its small and lightweight size and supplied camera holder, which easily connects to a backpack or other item, and is at the ready when needed.

A type of rechargeable battery that can be recharged many times. Panorama Assist is a scene mode available on select Nikon digital cameras. Nikon digital cameras that can record audio have a built-in mic.

It is not as popular a media card format as the flash based CompactFlash card which is more stable since it does not have moving parts. Support of MTP devices has nikon coolpix 4200 greatly enhanced.

Selectively nikon coolpix 4200 part of a photo using an image editing program or a mechanical technique in a traditional darkroom. On large files, do not try to retrieve thumbnails. Examples of light modifiers include diffusers, softboxes, reflectors, gobos, grids, spotlights, snoots, barndoors, flags and light tents. Parrot Sequoia support and property coolpox Nikon 1: Therefore, HRI lenses achieve great optical performance in an even more compact body.


A compact disc that holds up to megabytes of digital information. A shutter speed setting that holds the shutter open for as long as the shutter release button nikon coolpix 4200 pressed. The rainbow created by a prism is the nikon coolpix 4200 of dispersion.

A lens which allows the photographer to control the degree of spherical aberration in the foreground or background by rotating the lens’ DC ring. An Avahi port would be welcome, but is not done yet. Archived from the original on January niko, They will show up with “ptpip: A timing device that is used to trigger the camera’s shutter at pre-determined intervals.

When using a COOLPIX digital camera with a touchscreen display, you can draw pictures or write memos on the display and save them as photos using the Draw scene mode.

Although the E-Compass can be utilized for general use, it should not be the only GPS device that you rely on when hiking in the wilderness, boating, driving, flying, mountain climbing or any nikon coolpix 4200 specialized application that requires stringent positioning.

Often used colopix indicate the capability of a macro or micro lens.

Nikon Coolpix series

Real lenses do not focus all rays perfectly, and so, even at best focus, a point is imaged nikon coolpix 4200 a spot rather than a point. When set to AF-F, the camera will focus continuously as long as the shutter release button is pressed.

These modes provide unparralleled nikpn to any collection of NIKKOR lenses by offering a multitude of nikon coolpix 4200 options to fit almost any shooting situation and all provide the same high quality p output movie file.

A term that describes the entire range of colors of the spectrum. An exabyte is a unit of information equal to 1, petabytes or approximately nikon coolpix 4200, bytes.

Nikon Coolpix series – Wikipedia

An advanced metering mode in which the camera’s computer sets exposure based on its analysis of the scene’s components. However, a few things will still change about it, so don’t just completely rely on it, its file names and locations, etc.


The two images, one from the ambient light and a second from the flash, do not perfectly coincide. Any device or substance placed between the central light source and the subject that softens or nikon coolpix 4200 the light. Photographers use “dynamic range” for the luminance range of a scene being photographed, or the limits of luminance range that a given digital camera or film nikon coolpix 4200 capture.

A Special Effect that is available on select Nikon digital cameras, which produces an image that nikon coolpix 4200 as if it was taken with a fisheye lens. Most AI lenses made until a few years ago were also supplied with the coupling prong so they would be compatible with either metering system. Cyan, magenta, yellow and black, the primary colors used in commercial color printing from which all other printing colors are derived.

Some Nikon digital cameras let you choose from a range that you’re willing to shoot within, such as ISO — A measure of the rate of an image’s change of brightness. Though the term is normally used to describe the transfer of data from the Internet, it is also used to describe the transfer of photos from a camera’s memory card to a nikon coolpix 4200. Some updates nikon coolpix 4200 perform either A or B, and some will perform A nikon coolpix 4200 B, only one at a time.

It can be found in the Menu, under the Movie Tab. Updated lots of translations. A lighting technique that is flattering when used with most portrait subjects. Half the screen size of VGA screens.