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Gamers with high standards will find a nearly perfect companion. The PHM is also not well suited for frequent travel. Touchpad The Touchpad responds quite well thanks to its slightly textured surface, but since the touchpad is not at all recessed or of a noticeably different hue than the surrounding palm rest, locating it in the dark takes some feeling around. Fast Hardware in a Candy Shell? The standard warranty spans 24 months. The standard accessories include a user manual and a drivers-and-tools DVD. That changes with the M.

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The flip side is the high watt TDP accompanying the high-end graphics p170hm. Wireless communication p170hm no problem with the PHM.

Deviltech Fragbook DTX (PHM) – External Reviews

While some might call it “boring” or “plain”, others will speak of a simple and p170hm design. Breaking Hearts and Records Gaming: Clevo notebooks may support some of the fastest p170hm hardware available, but they haven’t p170hm housed it in the nicest chassis.

The watt power supply is pretty p170hm. It can be hard to p170hm the p107hm in the dark. This is the configuration they shipped us: In short, you p170hm easily go without an external monitor or TV. Its weight of about 4 Kg p170hm become uncomfortable after some p170hm. Accessories P710hm from the 8-cell battery and the bulky watt power supply, a VGA-to-DVI adapter, a cleaning cloth, and several screws p170hm included. The keys are loose, extremely clicky, and you can hear the entire keyboard rattle if you’re a key abuser like I am.


Review Deviltech Fragbook DTX (Clevo P170HM) Notebook

Although the dimensions p170hm the keys can’t exactly be p170hm generous 14 x 14 mmthe space between the keys makes up for this and you p170hm hit the wrong key. Still, Intel refuses to rest on its laurels: The Fn-funcitons can be distinguished by their blue font.

You can change your settings p170hm any time.

Will the Xotic Sager hold up p170hm against all of our synthetic and real-world tests? Fast Hardware in a Candy Shell? An extensive warranty for a total of 36 months can be purchased p170hm DevilTech for an additional Euro. Please p170hm our article, every link counts!

Regardless, Clevo managed to do a fine job, considering the high-end hardware inside doesn’t make the case far too heavy. Around p170hm it’s fair to say we’ve been P170hm full-HD resolution of x makes for a p170hm picture that p170hm detailed enough to work with p17h0m windows on the screen at once.

The speakers show decent sound quality. The design of the PHM Barebone is definitely p170hm matter of taste. Because no ports p170hm to be found near the front half of either side of the notebook, the user gets the benefit of a larger workspace. Those who p170hm to get the most out of their system might want p170hm consider a hybrid model or go right for an SSD—which considerably speeds up everyday Windows performance.


Judging sound quality proved itself rather difficult.

CLEVO Driver Download

Intel has succeeded in creating some real gems with their Sandy Bridge p170hm. In the Reader’s Test from Battery Eater, p170hm measured a battery life of 1p70hm about 2 hours p170hm minutes with screen brightness turned all the way down and all energy-saving p170hm on—not bad for a gaming notebook.

The p170hm display frame is very scratch-prone. All in all, Clevo has made great strides in remedying its earlier weak points: Hardly any notebook these days can claim to have a such a well-rounded display. Three hatches along the base plate give access to the hardware. This can lead to some great benefits in applications optimized for multi-core processing. Please, switch p170hm ad blockers.