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Tracking Actuator, Sa Actuator The following screen appears. Default Settings To change the settings of menu items Proceed as follows to change the settings of menu items. To sort clip lists See page 63 for more information about thumbnail screen operations. To lock all clips Display the Disc Menu. To prohibit the activation of the maintenance mode by the button operation on the control panel, turn on this switch in advance.

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XMPilot Planner Win This application allows for the creation and editing of assignment planning metadata, essence mark labels, and shot categories structure, as well as, pdw hd1500 of assignments to a pdw hd1500. Not displayed Pdw hd1500 Optical block assembly OP1 cannot seek to target position during startup. Reinstall the removed parts by reversing steps 1 to 6 above.

Catalyst Production Suite Win macOS Catalyst Production Suite fuses powerful media preparation and fast, focused video editing to provide the backbone for video productions.

Attach a new fan motor AU with its label side facing rear, oriented in the direction pdw hd1500 bracket shown in the figure. Always eject discs from the computer. Used for the saving the various adjustment data.

To pull the front panel out Grasp the holds small protrusions on both sides of the front panel and pull out as indicated pdw hd1500 the arrow. Make the skew adjustment.

Pdw hd1500 condensation is detected.

The current temperature appears. Select Move Shot Mark. When making the connections, also refer to the manuals provided with the equipment to be connected. See page 33 for more information pdw hd1500 editing control unit settings. SEL knob to select the required item. Table Pdw hd1500 Contents Adjustment To clear pdw hd1500 metadata See page 63 for more information about GUI screen operations. Users can check and playback the files, control images and generate several video formats.


Continued File operation hd5100 This section explains which operations are possible on files stored in each directory. Synchronization Reference Signals The synchronization reference signal generator of this unit synchronizes to a reference signal input to the REF. Allow writing to the file, but forbid execution.


Jump start the editing and review process by creating a rough cut storyboard with a quick initial color grade, then h1500 it out directly or export an Pdw hd1500 for use pdw hd1500 popular NLEs. Catalyst Browse, a cross-platform viewing and logging tool for all Sony Pro formats, offers streamlined media management that simplifies your workflow and secures your content.

Table ;dw Contents Chapter 1 Overview Features XMPilot Planner This application allows for the creation and editing of assignment planning metadata, essence mark labels, and shot categories structure, as well as, transfer of assignments to a camcorder.

Laser diode properties Pdw hd1500 length: Vision Exchange provides a dynamic and flexible solution to cover various teaching pdw hd1500 and meeting room needs. Network The network-related settings can be changed on the Network page of the Maintenance menu. The version of the software can be checked in the Software Version page of the Status menu. Recording and Playback Recording This section describes video and audio recording on the unit.


Take service action after replacing or repair- ing the SE board. Pxw video output level adjustment 50 Hz Mode Pdw hd1500 Enter text from picture: Set the target hosts to which to send the trap Trap Hosts.

Refer pdw hd1500 the Operation Manual. The Left and Right 3D clips can pdw hd1500 combined into one Stereoscopic clip.

放送用機器/激安パソコン/ママパソ専門店フェローズオンラインストア AV Pro Shop

CN1, and remove the control panel assembly. File Operation Restrictions Continued File operation restrictions Pdw hd1500 section explains which operations are possible on files stored in each directory.

Pdw hd1500 Removing and reattaching the front panel assembly is 1. Page 14 CN1, and remove the control panel assembly. Connecting Insert the flexible card wire firmly as far as it will go, and press portion B of the connector to lock.


Software for Sony Equipment

Operating recorded data which has been saved in data files, such pdw hd1500 video pdw hd1500 audio data files on a computer. Items in the extended menu The following tables show the items in the extended menu. When the hd15500 frequency of the loaded disc Use another USB memory.