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You need to reboot for the change to take effect. It stays open for as long as you hold the button down — not very convenient for exposure times of more than a few seconds. Once patched, works well with Linux. Its an infrared remote using the sensor on the front of the camera – so what else were they expecting If you have the remote control set to 2-second delay, there will be a 2-second delay before the shutter first opens. Here is a more complete map for every key on the remote except the Red Power Button.

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I’ve already loaned out to a couple of photo students who are now want to pick one up their own. When you press to RC-6 button the camera rc6 remote control autofocus and then fire. It is also detected as MCE remote by lircd, but has slightly different keycodes, which are incompatible with xbmc defaults. This one has the ability to control 4 devices PC, TV, Sat, Amp and can be programmed using the manufacturer codes database supplied. Now when you fire the RC-6 at the camera you will have a couple of seconds to move the device out of the field-of-view before the picture is taken.

rc6 remote control

List of MCE remote controls – Official Kodi Wiki

It came with a battery installed and all I needed to do was pull the battery insulator and the remote was ready. This item doesn’t belong on this page.


The lowest-priced brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item in its original packaging where packaging is applicable. There is no way round this without using some helper app like Eventghost, but the Info action could rc6 remote control mapped to one of rc6 remote control other buttons.

See patch in https: Being able to stay near your subject to assist in composition or ease stress is another benefit. It’s certified for Windows 7 32bit or 64bit. The most difficult part was remembering how to set up the camera to work with the remote.

Canon Rc-6 Wireless Remote Control – 4524B001

Rc6 remote control from ” https: Ckntrol is a basic remote that works. The RC-6 is a wireless transmitter infrared rather than radio waves. The RC-6 will operate in either 2-second delay mode or will instantly take a shot.

It is not possible to rc6 remote control a separate receiver for the RC Similar to the buttons to the Microsoft MCE remote, but with a full keyboard and a ‘nipple’ for moving the mouse. See all 16 brand new listings. The FinTek driver does not work on some XP configurations cause unknown.

XBMC has all the required keyboard mappings for these remotes so they should work out of the box. Case Show More Rc6 remote control. The RC-5 only has the immediate firing mode.


The rc6 remote control everyone is ready, I can push the button on the remote control and take the picture. This is because they send a bunch of keypresses ctrl, shift, arrow, letter “B” etc.

Canon RC-6 Wireless Remote Control Review

It is supposed to work within 30′ of the camera. Configure VRC remote for Ubuntu. Rc6 remote control remotes in this section all use the Microsoft eHome driver on Windows.

Handy when you don’t want to wait. It is so small that you can even put it on your key ring. I’m sure we can all use the camera’s shutter release time delay but we can’t be so accurate in predicting that actual burst that rc6 remote control want to capture, can we?

I rc6 remote control to set it up to take some before, during, and after shots as I work on my old motorcycle and needed the convenience of a hands-off shutter trigger.

For the curious or bored there is a specification for the Windows Media Center remote. I will continue to purchase and recommend these units.