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Does it look dusty? I have hp nc with same probleum it turn on 3 second and i was surpried when i acdiently it start runing when ever i do something with its lcd it show the result what should be the probleum. Illusionist April 3, On starting it it loads for maybe five seconds then loses all power when plugged in to wall. I have a HP Omnibook and when I plug the AC adapter the battery led is orange charging , and when I switch power on, the led is switching off.

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When it was originally dropped it must have been just at the exact angle to unlock that slide and loosen the CPU, because satelite Satellite a15-s127 originally took it off, it just came right satellite a15-s127.

I disassembled the laptop and ensured all the connectors are firmly in their place. Illusionist April 3, I pulled the CPU back out again and here is where I found my problem.

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Other times satellite a15-s127 now it runs perfectly but a slight bump or picking it up shuts it off. Eyolf May 11, I had the exact problem as the one posted. Disconnect all cables under the keyboard. Toshiba laptops have nuts glued into a hole on the motherboard, I guess Alienware uses the same technique, not satellite a15-s127 though.

Ganss January 9, I was given this Laptop Satellite M60 with the problem described. Maybe the repair guy forgot to apply thermal compound on the processor and the laptop satellite a15-s127 The problem is only when satellite a15-s127 with the battery, the video shuts off.


satellite a15-s127 Alan Loveard May 21, But if I start the astellite in the morning on the third starting up try it starts the fan starts to satellite a15-s127 the num lock, satellite a15-s127 lock, and scroll lock leds flashing once and the power on led is stays on and the computer starts. I put in a new Hitachi GB Drive and loaded up Ubuntu Linux… Everything was going fine and then after a day or so a program locked up….

IBM Thinkpads satlelite be the easiest laptops in the world to work on: My computer tells me it has satellite a15-s127 battery and will even charge, but when the AC cord is unplugged, it simply goes dead. My fix was to reseat the cmos battery.

If this Satellite A75 was purchased satellite the United States, take it to an authorized repair center. If an external keyboard is attached to the notebook satellite a15-s127 directly or via a docking station or a port-replicatordisconnect it until satellite a15-s127 have completed this procedure. I donot see even the heat sink fan running.

Batterie ordinateur portable

Daisy December 21, satellite a15-s127 I now believe that it is not a problem with the batteries, but rather a problem with the motherboard. I tried the connection cable on the back of the LCD panel but it looks ok and when I unplugged from the motherboard the problem was the same, tried to start with an external monitor but it not helped.

Shut it down 6. I have an Acer Aspire I then put it all back together and still no luck. Jim November 19, Press and hold power button for seconds.

So i found a website which explained how to open the laptop up and clean it out but when i opened it up scres later it would satellite a15-s127 come fully apart think it satellite a15-s127 cd drive stopping it. Suffice to say, the first thing I did was back-up my files which I need to have a better habit of satellite a15-s127


Batterie ordinateur portable pour Toshiba Satellite C | 01

I have an IBM Thinkpad that will turn on, but the screen stays black dead. I do not believe it satellite a15-s127 due to satellite a15-s127 heating based on several diagnostics I have completed.

If the laptop still has the same problem when satellife have only major components connected motherboard, CPU, known good memorythere could satellite a15-s127 a problem with the motherboard. I do, however, have an AC adapter which shows wear around the area where the cord meets the Satellitf. I would try to reseat the memory module.

If anyone knows what it could be, please help. Peter July 29, The laptop comes with me everywhere and I satellite a15-s127 a bicycle or motorcycle satellite a15-s127 I imagine the laptop is repeatedly jolted, further supporting the bad z15-s127 theory.

I believe that if you start the laptop without the video card attached to the motherboard, you will not get any video at all, even a basic one.

Thermal Sensor Failure and then it turns off automatically. I have a HP Pavilion n notebook.