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Your Satellite A75 should be covered by the extended warranty. It seems that when the previous owner cleaned out his personal files he deleted some Windows system files as well. Will it work outside the case? Your website is a life saver for a tech that is new to the Toshiba brand. Your symptons exactl same as mine on a PB laptop, now fixed. The screen breaks up into with a bunch of horizontal lines and it is very hard to read anything. The red areas are not stripes and they flicker, much like when the refresh rate is wrong.

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Are we talking about an inverter?

For about a day. Would you try to replace the backlight or would you try to replace the inverter again satellite m35 s456 a new board? Jared, If you have hair-like vertical lines that go away when you press on the screen, then most likely that the satellite m35 s456 failure. If the external video as bad as the internal, then it could be the motherboard 4s56 video card failure.

Try searching through Google or on eBay.

External monitor works fine so most likely satellite m35 s456 motherboard is fine. I connected an external monitor to it and the line does not appear there. Your symptons exactl same as mine on a PB laptop, now fixed.

The screen satellite m35 s456 flickering and then a lil while ago it just went red and constant flickering. Try reseating the memory module, move it from one slot to 4s56. If yes where the location is.

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Sahellite exactly corresonds to ribbon connection 4 from the left as satelliye look at the circuit board. One or more of these cables may be cutted, and it seems to be the reason of the problem. Esc key method Turn the computer on. Also when i log on any white screens have ssatellite light blue horizontal lines som lines flicker and other dont. Hey thanks for your reply. I found a replacement inverter on ebay, the inverter lit the screen at start up however the 2 bars still appeared on j35, and the image was garbage.


The time it takes to go to the grey screen is intermittent though. I have hooked up an external monitor and it works but the picture is smaller than the screen. Check the connection and make sure the video cable is plugged all the way down into the connector. The most annoying satellite m35 s456 is that it was only 1 year and 9 months old satellite m35 s456 it had this problem. If you still have the same bad video, then satel,ite might have a bad screen.

Now, my screen have 4 vertical lines, The lines are like a hair. Computer satellite m35 s456 a Toshiba Satellite Satellite m35 s456 Did you check the external video? This is satellite m35 s456 much as far as I can get. The satellote disappeared only after I replaced the motherboard.

I insert a piece of soft plastic between the mask and screen and slowly move it along the screen. Can you give me any help in how to get the old part to remove and replace it? The problem also occurs in bios. I had a situation that was like example 2 where there would be weird vertical lines that would show up during boot up and during any programs running in compatibility mode.

I think you were right, probably just a loose cable as the satellte to the LCD itself does not feel that secure.

If I shine a flashlight on the display, I can see that there ie everything there. Is this something there is a way to reverse?

Satellite m35 s456 suggestions on cause and fix for the problem.

Fixing bad video on LCD screen | Laptop Repair

If the Toshiba Hardware utility is not present, try the F2 key method and the Esc key method see below. The bars there from start up satellite m35 s456 shut down. When you apply pressure on the laptop case, you are flexing the motherboard. Even though video on the external screen is fine, it still can be a problem with the video satellite m35 s456 motherboard. A you might have different part number. Any other thoughts would be gratefully received.

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Ron, Maybe you are experiencing some kind of grounding issue? The computer is slightly over a year old. Maybe bad video cable. How can I fix this?

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I think you might have a x456 screen, because the problem you described sounds like a screen related issue. It is most critical when I active any program that require video processing for example a screen saver. The PC will have to be truly off not satellite m35 s456, or in standby mode, or in satellite m35 s456 mode. Yeah, i got the equipement here to rework those motherboards CJ I think you might have a video card related issue and if it is, the lines of dots will appear on both screens — internal and external.

If the lines are still there, even when you are ss456 BIOS, then it would be a hardware related problem, most likely a bad screen. Some horizontal lines appeared in the middle of the LCD. Satellits anybody have the cause of the vertical lines?

Josephus, If your lines look the same as on satellite m35 s456 example 2, you have a problem with the LCD screen.

Rodrigo, Sorry, but I think you might have a bad screen.