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I used to love her, but I had to kill her I tried different variations of hitting and removing the battery So the next day I plug in the power cord and turned it on and banged it and still nothing. I was hitting it as hard as i could without hurting myself. Please guys, if you know anything else help is greatly needed!!! After whacking it, I’ve found it’s working IF I use the proper combination of remove the power souce, turn it off, plug it in, try to close it, turn it on something along those lines. Joaquin Thu, 21 Jan

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I seriously spent almost an hour messing with it and smacking the bottom with my hand. Sony dcr hc96 must be kidding!! I used a sata power sony dcr hc96 modified like the pic I have and feed the prongs onto the motor until i lowers and the tape door shuts. Any expert’s advice will be greatly appreciated But I was getting ready to bin it anyway so what the hell.

Prices for repairs are based on actual estimates and we will not start any repairs without customer’s approval. Sony dcr hc96 was recording some races and had to switch my tape. We only had the camcorder for about 2 months and did not even finish recording one tape, when this problem started. Thank you Curt, thank you Dave and thank you Constantine from Greece.

I just saw runamuffin’s post Now it can’t play any tape Sony dcr hc96 really glad this thread exists.

And, your procedure worked at the very first try. I could not be happier! Kari Mon, 31 Aug Thanks to everyone for posting hope you all solve your problems too. After simply unplugging and replugging the power cable, I got the cartridge all the way back. I used a AA battery. I am guess that all of you sony dcr hc96 were fixing it sony dcr hc96 hitting it on the bottom actually had the same problem and the hitting happened to unstick the eject button.


But then the error-code came back Well, I have read through many of these forums and am going home after work to try out some of these solutions.

Sony Camcorder Repair

Only here Sony dcr hc96 found “Chuck’s method, and after crossing my heart and saying bye to the camcorder I administered “treatment”. I am so disappointed by the freaking quality of this camcoder. Primarily, I wanted to say sony dcr hc96 to Constantine and Dave, and warn HC7 owners not to try to remove the covers. The same thing happened to my camera, and I used the whacking technique and it worked!!

Sony Camcorder Batteries & Digital Camera Batteries

I started thinking that this was the end of my camera. Monoson Tue, 29 Dec Close the door and if it doesn’t stick hold the door in and let the camera pull sony dcr hc96 cartridge compartment down. I tinkered with it sony dcr hc96 bit and voila!!! I tried all the methods mentioned above did not work with me. Have tried violence and the turning on and off and plugging and un-plugging and battery in-and-out and and and My previous problem was stuck tape.

It went down straightaway.

Sony dcr hc96 red these messages, and the battery trick worked perfect! I also depressed the “reset” button found underneath the LCD display for good measure Maybe we should open a class action soyn against sony. Youngsoon Choi Sat, 11 Oct Constantine Sun, 06 Dec I have attached pics of the part and inside my camera. Then I found this forum and tried everything from the hitting to the tiny screwdriver on the mechanism and all points in between. Also thanks to the people who posted to hit the camera on the bottom didn’t work but made me feel beter.


Sony HDR-HC3 Tape Door Won’t Close with C Error Code

Who would have thought the good old fashion bang on it method would work. I tried the hitting method, No go here.

I put a tape into the tray, held it closed and attached the wires again. The power supply is OK and giving power at the output plug but camera shows no life at all.

Sony dcr hc96, HC3 blinks C My new problem is Sony dcr hc96 cannot close the tape compartment with tape in it. I did the Chuck method and worked. JimmyD Sun, dxr Oct Fiance wanted to go watch Oprah so I tried to manipulate motor by myself. Now the switch is working when I’m closing the door. Don’t bang or make your camcorder worst, just lower the motor and the error code goes away, might have to do drc a few times.