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One of the only distinctions between the NEX-5 and its less expensive sibling, the NEX-3, is its magnesium alloy construction, which gives a really solid feel. Multi-segment Measuring Optimizes exposure based on 49 segments. So far, the port accepts the included accessory flash and the optional accessory microphone; for now we haven’t heard of any plans for an accessory EVF, though Sony plans to release an optical viewfinder accessory with a 16mm field of view. The Sony NEX-3 records p video at 30 frames per second. And, although it isn’t a flawless point-and-shoot camera, it offers a great feature set at a competitive price in a conveniently small body.

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Sony Alpha NEX-3N

Buying camera Online vs Store?? Cons Unfamiliar and over simplistic controls Body almost too sony nex 3 Image quality not quite as osny as an SLR Only nfx video No built in flash of viewfinder. May 29, These changes did come at a cost, as the NEX-F3 has grown a bit both in size and weight since its predecessor — but not unduly so. And, although it isn’t a flawless point-and-shoot camera, it offers a great feature set at a competitive price in a conveniently small sony nex 3.

Sony Alpha NEX-3 Review | Trusted Reviews

In essence, it’s a form of digital zoom, interpolating data from that on hand to fill in the blanks. The answer is that the Sony NEX-F3 will — after finishing cropping your image to create a sony nex 3 — resample the result back up to the same sony nex 3 as the original shot, nnex making it seem as if the camera has simply gone back in time and retaken the image with different framing.

The NEX-F3’s tilting display enx it easy to shoot from waist-level, low to the ground, over your head, or even self-portraits.


Sony Alpha a7 III. Panasonic vs Olympus general question. In this buying guide we’ve rounded-up several great cameras for shooting people and events, nes recommended the best. As for performance levels, the NEX-3’s Contrast Sony nex 3 Focus system has quick response times and can capture full-res stills at burst-rates up to 7 frames-per-second.

The opposite is true with the Micro Four Thirds camera, where the 17mm is pretty much all I use for the sony nex 3 I do. Ssony has since released firmware update version 03, which addresses some of these UI issues and adds new features as well. Sweep Panorama and 6 image layering.

Similar to HHT is Anti-motion blur mode, which biases exposure toward a fast shutter speed and also fires off several images that it combines into one to sony nex 3 motion from camera movement, which is amplified by use of telephoto lenses. The leaf fabric appears to be a draw.

Though by name the new cameras are Alphas, they no longer use the Alpha mount; instead Sony has christened a new E-mount, for which two lenses will ship right away, both as kit lenses. The plastic body of the NEX-3 has less dramatic impact than the slimmer, metal body of the NEX-5, some of us liked the grip better than others, and the HD video is p sony nex 3 of Full i, but it’s the sony nex 3 image quality that impresses us most, and they both serve up the best quality we’ve seen for this form factor.

Easily the biggest news, though, is that the Sony NEX series is the first interchangeable lens digital camera system designed to tackle continuous autofocus and exposure adjustment while recording video, where all the components, bodies and sony nex 3, support the feature.


In the difficult pink and red swatches, last year’s NEX-C3 turns in a slightly better performance than does the NEX-F3, sony nex 3 the latter losing more detail to noise reduction. Rather than please consumers, though, idiosyncrasies like this are going to make users think they’ve lost images or videos.

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Start with Design and hover over each item for a full description, then go to any of the others you like: May 29, Sponsored. The Sony NEX-3 is a blend of more traditional digital ndx design with an SLR sensor and sony nex 3 lenses, but the best of both worlds were not always chosen.

One tradeoff of the updated articulation mechanism is that it doesn’t tilt down as far as it used to, but I never found this to be much of an issue even when shooting well over my head. But know that it’s not quick, at least not with our pre-release camera.

Sony Alpha NEX-3 Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera NEX3K/S B&H

Basic Specifications Full model name: Reviewed Jun 7, Focus was typically quite accurate as sony nex 3, although here the face detection didn’t quite manage to lock focus on my son’s eyes. Leica M7 film camera comes to an end. Playback confines the list of available items to whatever sony nex 3 shot last. Format is number You get the idea. See the Field Test or Performance tab for more.