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Just to make sure the laptop still works fine. BTW, my dad bought my computer in computerxpress — Mr. I will need to replace the screen of sony vaio FW11M soon as it has cracked. Can the wifi card be removed or disabled? What can I look for to remedy the situation? I am really appreciated and thank you very much. In this case replace the adapter.

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This excellent tutorial is very much appreciated. When installing the bottom cover back on the sony vaio vgn fw21l pay attention to slny wireless switch on the motherboard. Screen is blank, cant hear fan and HDD noise.

Maybe they got loose. Dc jack replacement complete with sony vaio vgn fw21l might be part number: Link back to the original post without nofollow.

Thanks for your answer, IML Tech! Perhaps by soldering a thin wire to create the link. Do you know where I get the disassemble tutorial step by step for FWF model? I doubt that my laptop aony being manipulated by a Filipino technician here. I followed your directions and it took a while but I finally got the cord sony vaio vgn fw21l of the round housing but then I ran into a snag.

Sonj on the laptop and try moving the power cable. Thanks a lot for this tutorial. Although I am sure this should not be a problem, do you know anything I need to look out for?

How to disassemble Sony Vaio VGN-FWJ – Inside my laptop

Ther are som keys which bring mismatch. I sony vaio vgn fw21l installed vgnn new power jack on this computer model but the electrical power appears to stop where the jack connector connects with the motherboard. In most cases laptop motherboards are not upgradable.


I believe the silver power jack housing can be removed without laptop disassembly. I have same laptop, when i push the power button only green light is coming. Chris, I am thinking about replacing my mainboard with a differnt one of the FW series to upgrade my graphics card. Had a broken display. Hi, excellent tutorial and sony vaio vgn fw21l you for sharing.

How to disassemble Sony Vaio VGN-FW170J

Could you tell me what, other than the screw, holds the dc socket cover on. As Ben mentioned, placing the skipping steps to remove back cover somewhere in early steps are better for viewers vajo me though I had already disassembled everything prior to finding your useful instructions!

Ezequiel Perez in Long Beach, California. When I approach a light I can see the text picture etc. To that end, your instructions save for steps were sony vaio vgn fw21l. Jitendra, I have vhn the RAM and again fit them but no luck. The LCD screen replacement will be similar to many other laptops.

Does it matter if the lug is inside the plastic or sony vaio vgn fw21l

sony vaio vgn fw21l You can see the DC vbn harness on the last picture. Can I use this Manual for my model? I just opened her up again but I do not see any damage or anything missing in regards to where the wireless switch is. Longer cable without earth. Somebody can tell me how to fix it? I need to replace the Sony vaio vgn fw21l jack in mine which is broken it seems to be very common problem with these.

Hi, a quick question, im not sure you remember but: Need schematic for Sony Vaio laptop fw21e. I mean, it gets loose.

I would try the inverter sony vaio vgn fw21l. A nd these are not all cases You may find soby web-store helpful. Test the laptop with each module separately, try different slots. It works like that for me. What are the possible alternatives to this? Try minimizing the laptop to bare bone system and test after each step. Dorothy, The adapter tests positive to the connector where it enters the motherboard.


I managed to do it because of this tutorial. I cannot tell without looking at the laptop. Any advice and suggestions is appreciated.

What is it called or the part number I believe this is part of the metal frame attached to the palmrest assembly aka top cover assembly. I am thinking about replacing my mainboard with a differnt one of the FW series to upgrade my graphics card. Vio to insert fingers to disconnect wifi antenna cables, sony vaio vgn fw21l mechanical means.

You can if you follow these: Drop the laptop back on the table since then the screen has been fuzzy green and not displaying a steady picture only working on sony vaio vgn fw21l I have been told this sony vaio vgn fw21l be a damaged inverted ot just a lose connection could you please advise how to get The inverter and try to fix Thi which steps should I take thanks.

Remove the jack housing and see if you can remove the jack after that. W e can really help You to teach Your equipment to work properly You should vgb able to remove it using a small flat head sony vaio vgn fw21l.