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A real netbook, that is. Not really that powerful, but when you are using just to have for meetings and college work, it works great. Or the Everex CloudBook. May 17, Sylvania G-Netbook. Hi, A 6ya expert can help you resolve that issue over the phone in a minute or two.

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Then a hardware problem developed: Yes, gOS was poorly configured but once I installed VectorLinux from a software perspective all was right with the world. By default the system boots with the 1.

Netbook Nightmare: My Experience With the Sylvania g Netbook – O’Reilly Broadcast

While all content is checked sylvania gnet13001 xp updated regularly, the author cannot be held responsible for any broken links, incorrect information or damage caused to hardware or software. This “Device” is crap, in the sense that we cannot connect to wireless connection, I bought this for my mother-in-law so she can surf the web and set up a facebook account. This is precisely the sort of half-baked implementation that unfairly tarnishes Sylvania gnet13001 xp as difficult to use.

Jerry describes the problem, in general, but does not answer your specific request. The Sylvania g Netbook is offered with gOS 2. This piece of crap is useless.


Similar help and support threads. By Caitlyn Martin in reply to comment from bd on September 25, 1: If this helps or solves the issue, please rate it and give a testimonial for my response. You’d be best off asking questions in your Sylvania gnet13001 xp distribution’s gnet1300 forums.

By EH on March 8, 9: A backport patch to the provided kernel can allow CPU sylvsnia scaling to work properly. The end result, after tweaking and patching, sylvania gnet13001 xp that I finally had Ubuntu fully working and supporting the hardware in the netbook.

WiFi sylvania gnet13001 xp was somewhat problematic.

sound card driver for sylvania gnet 13001 netbook?

I thank you for the very informative article chronicling sylvania gnet13001 xp experiences sylvania gnet13001 xp the gBook. There are reports that the g Netbook will deliver x resolution widescreen again both internally and externally with the Windows drives and sylvxnia externally as well. Check out with PayPal. Comments, contributions and criticism always gratefully received. Conclusions Having suffered through two hardware failures, one after only 10 days of use and the second out of the box, I am more than a little bit skeptical about this particular hardware platform.

I also made clear that upgrading the OS and sjlvania the driver solves the problem. As with most netbooks, it did enable a whole new sector of sylvania gnet13001 xp to either access sylvania gnet13001 xp internet in a whole new way or just for the first time ever.


I now have it back and have loaded Ubuntu Yes No Thanks for the valuable feedback you provided!

Need xp drivers for sylvania GNET13001 – Sylvania G-Netbook

I can’t imagine that very many people would be satisfied with the g Netbook sylvania gnet13001 xp shipped.

Do you have a question about O’Reilly’s products and services? Once installed the upgraded gOS version still fails to address the CPU scaling or graphics driver issues.

It has been impossible to get a refund or exchange for another less problematic model. Find all xylvania by Jerry K. All times are GMT.

You can also install gOS 3. It also means you have hideous security problems and have to run anti-virus and anti-malware software that slows things down further. I did consider it sylvania gnet13001 xp rejected it in favor of the Sylvania g Netbook Meso sylgania two reasons: