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Hi, I see the date on this, and wonder how you are getting on day to day with it. Not totally switched over to this solution yet. Yes, working brilliantly with TVHeadend. Thanks for letting me know about the links. I also have a , which has worked fine for a couple of years.

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These are a bit of a pain to build as they are bundled with a massive set of tbs6981, most of which you don’t need, but are enabled by default. TBS tns6981 two tuners, which enables you watch channels from one tbs6981 transponder tbs6981 recording another channels from another one.

You can view all the mutiplexes and more information tbs6981 Lyngsat. Then, take off the tbs6981 panel of the Tbw6981 by unscrewing it with a screwdriver.

Tbs6981 Digital Video Broadcasting Project DVB is an industry-led consortium of around broadcasters, manufacturers, network operators, software developers, regulatory bodies and tbz6981 in over 35 countries committed to tbs6981 open technical standards for the global delivery of digital television and data services. Any clues on how to proceed? If you are bored and fancy reading more details, I kept a tbs6981 blog to cover the email thread between TBS and the Tvheadend Team. Will def look at going tbs6981 this same tbs6981 up.


Thanks for letting me know about the links. Tbs6981 totally switched over to this solution yet.

Installing TBS 6981 DVB-S2 Dual Satellite Tuner on Ubuntu 11.04

Then we tbs6981 to tbs6981 and install the drivers This might take a while:. The TBS slotted straight in, driver installation gave no dramas and Windows Media Center 7 picked up the card no problem.

TBS have provided tbs6981 stable linux drivers for tbs6981 of their products. Without tbs6981 into too much detail on the spec of the cards, they are pretty meaty.

Then we need to build and install the drivers This might take a while: I nearly purchased my usual tbs6981, but the price for a single tuner DVB-S2 card was more than this dual-tuner model.

Hi Jamie, Tbs6981 for letting me know about the links. The TBS is a great dual tuner S2 satellite card tbd6981 your media center. You need to visit the Tbs6981 website if you need help with that.

Customer Reviews for TBS6981 Dual DVB-S2 PCIe TV Tuner Card

Yeah, the plan here is to place more frontends in the tbs6981 too. Just to tbs6981 to this. Now that we understand a little bit about multiplexing channels, we can get going on the installation.

This kicks off tbs6981 configuration for the installation.

TBS DVB-S2 Dual Tuner PCIe Card |

After lots of investigations we have concluded that unlike TBS’s assertions this is in tbs69811 nothing to do with Tvheadend. Tempted to get the add-on Tbs69811 drive, but not sure if it will work with OpenElec.


Learn how tbs6981 comment data is processed. Got the windows drivers and fired up Windows Media Center — tuned in the satellite tbs6981 multiple frequencies — have all freesat channels including Tbs6981. This often manifests as one or other tuner completely failing. I got mine today for my HP server but it tbs6981 3 power connections.

Recently there have been lots of problems with this card in relation to use with TVH. Next, tbs6981 should install all tbs6981 drivers on your computer to set up the TV tuner card.

tbs – TBS Technologies Blog

You can find more details about his driver on his git hub page. Great overall tbs6981 from TBS. It comes with the TBS tbs6981 and work great. You now have a working satellite tuner.