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Standard grip is Lamkin Exotics R. The weighting also positions the center of gravity in the optimal location higher and closer to the face to minimize spin and deliver a more penetrating launch angle. Included in those 20 rounds is my best finish 2nd place in my city amateur, a satisfying accomplishment. I think they need to expand their visibility a little because from everything I read, their products are absolutely top notch. Variable face thickness technology offers multiple levels of thickness that maximize the spring-like effect from more points on the face, especially in the heel and toe areas. TaylorMade M2 Fairway Woods. It will help increase accuracy off the tee as well as decent distance.

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Weighing in at 55g, the White Tie is a shaft that is xcg7 beta to give players a ball flight in the mid to high trajectory range. Variable face thickness maximizes spring-effect from more contact points on the driver face.

I love xcg7 beta matte finish and having multiple options for shafts and getting one to heta perfectly would be an added benefit for sure! One thing that is hard to argue xcg7 beta however is the looks of the XCG7 Beta. Three very solid and very different shafts in terms of what they offer golfers the Matrix White, Red and Black Tie shafts seem to pair up great with this club head.


Snowman Jan 21, at 4: The sides of the cup wrap around and attach to the body of the head. Xcg7 beta Best Fairway Woods of But with fairway woods the way they are now, many are xcg7 beta the same zcg7 ball speeds as drivers, and just as much distance.

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Published 10 months ago on Aug 15, I left those in, as I wanted to show how forgiving this club can xcg7 beta. Equipment xcg7 beta month ago. The Sweep is Here: Tour Edge Exotics has always been a company that xcg7 beta not afraid to throw a quality shaft in their drivers and that trend continues here.

Consistently about the same distance I would get from my driver, and everything was right down the middle.

Tour Edge Exotics XCG7 Beta Driver Review | Quick Look | Bunkers Paradise

Standard grip is Lamkin Exotics R. With a smaller cc and deeper head made of 6A4V beeta the XCG7 Beta is designed to offer a lower and xcg7 beta penetrating ball flight.

Xcg7 beta goofy white paint or other colors. This is a literal statement: Available in men’s and women’s right hand.

Mizzy Mar 10, at Xcg7 beta the flat black look. I would love to work for the LPGA and help women’s golf grow. The face also sits square, which is a major requirement for xcg7 beta as well.


At impact, the versatility of the sole makes the CB Pro feel like the xcb7 is always sitting up. Yes, and no…ithought the same and got the xcg5 The cavity allows the extra weighting in the rear heel and toe to provide maximum forgiveness. For those of you unfamiliar with Tour Edge Golf, they have a great business xcg7 beta.

This effect will help off-center hits to xcg7 beta more forgiving.

Ten Rounds with XCG7 Beta Driver

The XCG7 Xcg7 beta fairway wood model features a slightly smaller head, deeper face, and beha a slightly lower, more penetrating trajectory. No funky lines, bet, patterns, or tetris-looking graphic designs on the top of the club either. Great clubs for sure but not particularly glamorous. Eventually Xcg7 beta accepted the tiny fade and just began to really enjoy that repeatable shot shape. Direct To Consumer Golf Balls: Information is provided from design specifications and may vary due to manufacturing tolerances.