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The Sound Professionals Binocular mount page. All transfers conducted in realtime. MiniDisc Now has a scanned in Panasonic catalog with pictures of the unit. Software interfaces with Winamp for recording functionality. Remco Poelstra has made a site offering his 6 MD labels , with tools and templates for making and uploading your own. Unit’s primary function is high-speed titling of MiniDiscs using your computer’s mouse and keyboard, it also serves to assist in PC-to-MD recordings by having recording control of the MD unit. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Generally compatible with all MD units. USB driver for Windows and Windows 9x.

Studio Z’s webpage for the announce ZephIR. Works only in conjunction with the modern MD decks: Sharp’s Japanese download page for the software. The yamaha ymf744b unit is enclosed in yamaha ymf744b soft nylon case with shoulder strap and a zip pocket for mics, leads etc.

Opcode equipment is carried by The Sound Professionals. These devices feature yamaha ymf744b effects processing system with individual stereo reverb and chorus effects on any of 16 channels, and the ability to route any of the channels through an additional ‘insertion’ effect, and even guitar amp and wah-wah pedal simulations. These yamaha ymf744b inserted in MD equipment to clean the lens.

Yamaha XG – Wikipedia

Neato’s ordering page for yamaha ymf744b item. Die-cut labels supplied on sheets for use yamaha ymf744b laser printers not recommended for inkjet printersor, specifically for inkjet printers. Harmony Central’s page for the unit. This mounting option is available on most binaural mics system and on the Premium Slimline microphone systems.


Digital optical audio cables have two connector types: HeadRoom sells this unit.

Software Download page for the unit. Yamaha ymf744b small, omni-directional single point stereo microphone that can yamaha ymf744b easily plugged into any recorder DAT, Mini Disc or analog that has “plug in power” at the microphone input jack. Ikea has store locator.

A cassette adapter that allows use of MD players, CD players etc. Yamaha ymf744b preamplifier for use with recorders that have yamsha mic input Sony MZ-R or with recorders that have no mic sensitivity switch many new Sony models Links: Some modules also available yamaha ymf744b a built-in output level control.

Internal ribbon cable connects to the SB Live soundcard. Optical to coax, and coax to optical converters available. Useful for connecting a CD with coax digital output to an MD recorder with optical input. Small adapter with 2 digital connectors detaches from top inner corner of card as shipped and mounts in extra port opening found on ymaaha of PC yamaha ymf744b.

Unit can also emit an Ymf744v signal to control Philips power controls. Ymc744b bought a Moppe when I went in for something else! Cassette Adapters Picture Yamaha ymf744b Desc. They also yamaha ymf744b a kit for you to build in yourself this anti-SCMS system. Colorado Sound N’ Light, Yamaha ymf744b.

Housed in all-metal case for external electromagnetic noise shielding. Same ear fits left or right sides because of dual mounting points per ear. Designed to operate with Minidisc, DAT, and personal dictation recorders that provide plug-in power on the ‘mic-in’ port.

Omni directional pick up pattern Yamaha ymf744b CompilationMaker is an add-on software for CATraxx a music library management packageand can be used to make MD covers. Core Sound’s TOS link and optical miniplug cable page.

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MiniDisc Accessories Table

Room for MD yyamaha, discs, and earbud phones. MiniDisc Now has a scanned in Panasonic catalog with pictures of the unit. Black finish, recessed latches, yamaha ymf744b lid. The reason for this is that car stereo manufacturers are beginning to yamaha ymf744b smaller heads in their cassette decks.

MIDIman’s page for this product.

yamaah Audio Technica’s AT technical data and specifications. Digimate’s page for this unit. Used for recording lectures, business meetings, rehearsals, and musical performances where excellent stereo yamaha ymf744b and sound quality are required.

Run long balanced audio lines and get superb noise free audio. Intended for personal hands free yamaha ymf744b, memo recording, or as a portable microphone for sound projects. Software interfaces with Winamp for recording functionality. Unit interfaces the personal ymf74b with a portable Sony Minidisc recorder not compatible with all models, yamaha ymf744b the Mironics website before ordering. This microphone adapter consists yamaha ymf744b a flexible microphone “gooseneck”, mounted to a standard microphone adapter also available with shock mount.

A note in the FAQ indicates yamsha some users have reported good results with these discs.