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To make these settings permanent, press MODE four times. When in cutter mode, the printer automatically cuts the label after it is printed. Close the head-open lever. The mode LEDs flash to indicate the settings have been saved permanently to memory. Unless indicated otherwise, turn the power Off O before performing any maintenance procedures to the printer. Page 5 through 7.

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To provide complete access to the area to be cleaned, raise the srtipe cutter blade guard as shown in Figure on page Verify proper printer operation. Disassembling The Cutter Module To provide complete access to the area to be cleaned, raise the upper cutter blade guard as shown in Figure on page Reinstall the rear cover, and front door.

Zebra stripe s600 Mode LEDs flash and the settings are permanently saved to memory. Lower the upper cutter blade guard back to its normal position. Page 42 Do not use ribbon that is narrower than the media. To ensure the printer has proper ventilation and cooling, zebra stripe s600 not place any padding or cushioning material under the unit because this restricts air flow. Bearings zebra stripe s600 pictured here are installed this way for the only.

Cutter Module Reassembly Figure Pivot the board off the front snaps. Label Available Sensor Figure Page 69 Reposition and adjust as necessary.

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Please see page 15 for the ribbon supply spindle adjustment procedure. Test the unit and perform a printhead position adjustment if necessary. Zebra stripe s600 warranty becomes void if the printhead is physically worn or damaged; Or, perform a manual calibration. Page 57 Ribbon appears to slow down or stop. Reinstall the rear cover, AC power cord, and data cable. Zebra stripe s600 96 4 and 6 tied together.


Striep 48 This reduces the wear on those areas of the printhead and the platen where ribbon and media are not present. This reduces the wear on those areas of the printhead and the platen where ribbon and media are not present.

On active—positive voltage or Off inactive—negative voltage. Main Door Front Door Figure Page Reconnect the AC power cord and data cable. Page 15 Recommended Cleaning Schedule Zebra stripe s600 90 Warranty Statement This printer has been designed so that minimal operator adjustments are required. Control Panel Assembly L Rev. The darken, position, and calibrate LEDs flash, indicating the changes s00 been saved.

Labels not being cut at all. The cutter cycles once at power up or resets even when NOT in cutter mode. Remember to remove each label as it is automatically peeled away zebra stripe s600 the backing.

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Tear-Off allows you to tear away each label or a strip of labels after it is printed. Adjust the media guide until it just touches the outer edge of the media and liner without causing the material zebra stripe s600 buckle. The printer automatically pauses after each format. Page 31 pin parallel connector on one end, which is plugged into the mating connector located inside the access opening sttripe the left side of the printer.

Page zebra stripe s600 Zebra Technologies Corporation for further information.

Zebra Stripe S400 User Manual

Reload media and ribbon. Don’t show me this message again. Now each time the PAUSE button is pressed, the printer prints 50 labels at maximum speed, up to labels. Zebra stripe s600 screw until the tension is equal on the left and right sides of the rewind power roller and the liner tracking is srripe. In order to create labels, s60 must decide whether to use ZPL II or commercial label preparation software.


Page Reinstall the ribbon cable strain relief to the main frame. Page 62 8 bit zebra stripe s600 length, no parity, and 1 stop bit.

With the end of the media positioned directly zebra stripe s600 top of the platen roller, close sttipe head-open lever. Exterior Mild detergent or desktop cleaner As needed.

Media sensor — This sensor is located behind zebra stripe s600 printhead to stripf the presence of media and, for non-continuous media, the position of the web, hole, or notch that separates each label. For therotate bearings degrees turn upside down.

Close the printhead by moving the stirpe clockwise to the closed position. Release the button when the front panel LEDs turn on. Figure 32 shows the connections required for this cable. Memory Board Zebra stripe s600 Rev.

The printer is now ready to print more labels.